Benefit to Authors

By publishing in 'Universal Journal of Environmental Research and Technology' (UJERT) you are conferred with following benefits

  • Articles are published with a nominal processing fee without publishing cost
  • Regular connection with the authors after submission of manuscript for speedy out come
  • Excellent editorial standards which will improve the quality of your work
  • Open access for the published articles for authors and viewers throughout the globe
  • Online and rapid publication process without much delay after the date of submission
  • Wide publicity as the journal is indexed in many free indexing services offered by various countries leading in research and technological advancement.
We are here only to publish your valuable articles and give a wide a publicity to them through quality work. Authors are advised to follow the author guidelines very strictly, without which the article may not be accepted for publication.

Publishing and Open Access

'Euresian Publications' are aiming to provide a unique and rapid publishing platform for the supreme quality articles for the environmental researchers and interested individuals in conservational aspects of our mother earth with proper communication means and sharing of experiences. We publish articles online only and at present we do not have any plans to publish the articles in print form and hence no reprints will be provided to the authors. Not only authors but people throughout the world living in any region are free to download and share (copy, distribute and transmit) all displayed contents of the UJERT website. Users must attribute the contribution in the manner specified by the author and changes of any kind are strictly prohibited by open access laws. Users may not use this contribution for business purposes.

Copyright of the Articles

'Euresian Publications' retain the copyright of all the articles published as an open access sight. Authors are requested to send a duly signed copyright form as an attachment along with submission of manuscript.

Publication Committee at Euresian Publications

'Universal Journal of Environmental Research and Technology' editorial board members and in connection with Editor-In-Chief are bound with an ethical and honest accountability to support the researchers and interested individuals. Our final aim is not only a business that others do. We want to provide a wide platform with a humane support to newer researchers and creative individuals living in different parts of this world. We also want to develop a warm connection with such individuals who knows something special, novel and unusual about the scientific aspects of varied environmental arenas. Our ultimate aim also remains with a deep contribution for social up-liftment of the whole human society through publication of quality research and development in it.

Editorial Structure and Final Decision

'Universal Journal of Environmental Research and Technology' aims at rapid publication of high quality research papers with peer review process. Any article submitted to the 'Universal Journal of Environmental Research and Technology' is subjected to peer review. Being an open access and free to access journal publishing system we are with limited manpower but of course not with a fewer ability and competency to do a greater work for the authors and interested individuals in publishing quality outcomes. Whole submission is handled through internet as a faster and better way of communication through e-mail attachments. We have further expansion plans with hi-tech uploading and submission systems which will be installed in coming days.

All submitted articles are given up to the Editor-In-Chief, who examines the manuscript. If he feels and decides that the manuscript does not cover the aspects as per the journal guidelines or out of scope of the journal and with insufficient features to be submitted for review, he may directly reject paper without any further processing. Concerned author will be informed through e-mail as early as possible about such failure to conformity and will always be supported for a newer submission. If Editor-In-Chief observes that the submitted manuscript is of enough quality and fall within the scope of the journals then it is sent to two experts of the field or reviewers suggested by the author. It is not mandatory on 'Euresian Publications' to submit manuscript only to the reviewers suggested by authors. As per our policy authors will never be informed about selected reviewers for the examination of manuscript. All manuscript reviewing editors have a right to reject or accept the manuscript under certain conditions. 'Euresian Publications' also hold right to publish submitted the articles without any processing. If the review process takes more time, authors will be informed by email with the reasons behind.

Final decision about the acceptance of the paper remains with the editorial group. Based on reviewer's recommendations, decision by the Editor-In-Chief may be based on the following actions which will be implemented as early as possible:

  • Publish manuscript as it is
  • Publish manuscript with minor changes
  • Review for major changes
  • Reject manuscript based on non compliance with the novelty and originality

Corresponding author will be accountable to carry out all the changes suggested by the Editor-In-Chief of UJERT. If minor revision is required, authors are requested to return a revised copy as soon as possible within 10 days while for major revision authors should return an adapted updated version within 20 days. Authors are requested to be patient and back-up in any form for the urgent publication may exclude the manuscript early before publication in the journal. The whole 'start to end', manuscript 'submission to publication' process may take minimum of 25 to maximum of 50 days which is definitely less time period as compared with other publishers of present years. Authors are requested to be patient and faithful on us during this time. As per 'Euresian Publications' policy all the accepted papers will remain in line for publication. Authors are requested not to re-submit the rejected article to UJERT. Final portable document format (pdf) will be uploaded on the journal web page only after the deposition of article processing fee as communicated through mail.